Be Courageous

Fear a common word know to all is the deadliest diesease that kills an individual very slowly. According to me fear is an essential emotion which every individual should have but not always. We must fear God, our parents. It doesnt mean that we must keep fearing every single minute of our life. Students nowadays have n number of things over which they keep fearing. When it comes to exams, results, report cards, graduation day,taking a seminar whatever. We students must develop the boldness and attitude to face everything with courage. We must be ready to deal with any issue readily without hesitation. We may not be successful in everything we do but we will atleast have a satisfaction that we tried in doing something and in future we will not hold any regrets. Fear leads to self destruction, fakes ur identity and always makes you wear a mask over your face, ur character, your attitude and finally over your soul. So I hope we would understand the role of phobias in our life and comeout of it quickly as possible and not let it stain our identity. 🙂


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