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About Ivan Sanjay

I am a college student pursuing my 3rd year Btech.Information Technology at a reputed institution name Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology at Coimbatore. I like to learn things practically and even though i leanr lota of theory stil i try to implement them practically. I am against the present methodology of education which is being enforced on students in this present generation and on the upcoming as well. I hope my views in this blog reaches many talented souls who are being put down by the present education system and make them rise up and come out in flyig colours.

Be Courageous

Fear a common word know to all is the deadliest diesease that kills an individual very slowly. According to me fear is an essential emotion which every individual should have but not always. We must fear God, our parents. It doesnt mean that we must keep fearing every single minute of our life. Students nowadays have n number of things over which they keep fearing. When it comes to exams, results, report cards, graduation day,taking a seminar whatever. We students must develop the boldness and attitude to face everything with courage. We must be ready to deal with any issue readily without hesitation. We may not be successful in everything we do but we will atleast have a satisfaction that we tried in doing something and in future we will not hold any regrets. Fear leads to self destruction, fakes ur identity and always makes you wear a mask over your face, ur character, your attitude and finally over your soul. So I hope we would understand the role of phobias in our life and comeout of it quickly as possible and not let it stain our identity. 🙂


Dont Wait Too Long

We all have the beautiful habit of postponing things and since we have been doing it for quite a long time it has become a natural habit of putting tasks to be done aside and start relaxing. This world is so competitive that if you postpone your worktime,studytime whatever even for a second within that one second 200 people will get ahead of you. The time for rest,recreation,enjoyment can be done after 40’s and it is not suited for young achievers. Ofcourse there should be a time for rest, a time for enjoyment but make sure we dont stay in that too long and always have in mind that we have got to do something better so that we can see a better ourself tomorrow… 🙂

the lost and the found

Really moved by this little article so im reblogging it in my blog.


St. Anthony of Padua St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please look all around.
Something is missing that needs to be found.

Those are the words my mother would recite every time something was lost in our household. Except she’d replace the “something” with the name of the misplaced item: my homework, a favorite pair of shoes, or most often, the car keys. She’d finish off the request with a triumphant “Thank you, Saint Anthony,” always confident in her faithful patron saint of lost things.

Saint Anthony usually pulled through for her, too. With the exception of her engagement ring – and I’m sure he did his best with that one – I can’t remember a single time the requested item wasn’t found. And believe me when I tell you, we kept the poor guy busy.

Maybe it’s because my mom was such a spiritually keen woman. She was on a first-name…

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Sluggish to Find Out

Day by day minds get to become idle. We need the solution for the question just before we can work that out. Students need important questions just before preparing for an examination. Life is being so compromised in the mind of youngsters. They take it for granted that in order to earn we just need a degree. Nothing more than that would be needed. Plzzz strike ur thoughts rights away and start thinking out of the box. Surely you can bring a change in yourself and then  may be change the world or bring an uplift in technology.

Arise Brainy Heads

Its enough of just memorizing all those formulas, mugging up all the theorems and vomiting them up in ur exams. Stop doing the regular boredom work which all students do. Think different and try to implement your ideas practically. Enough of being therotical, the world is getting to be more practical nowadays.